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Education Roundtables

Education Roundtables aren’t for everyone. They are aimed at senior school leaders – headteachers or their deputies. But only you can decide if this is your tribe, that this is where you belong.

Conversation Matters

Sharing your ideas is one of the most important things that you can do. School leadership can be one of the loneliest places to be. It is a stressful and pressurised position.

By taking part in these powerful conversations you connect with other school leaders, you exchange ideas and discuss solutions to the challenges you face. You increase your impact

When we open ourselves up to discussions, we get a deeper understanding of the issues that we all face.

The information shared could change our minds, or validate our thoughts and action. We are not always right and conversation reminds us of this.

Conversation supports us socially, whether to share information, seek advice or just vent. The process of conversation builds resilience, creates perspective and allows us to cope when things don’t go to plan.

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