Razing ‘Aspirations’

Razing Aspirations

Ok, I’ll admit it, I have shamelessly pinched this pun from @SchoolsWeek, but it really caught my eye. I imagined teacher’s armed with pitchforks and burning torches burning the “aspirations” monster like the windmill in Frankenstein. My first instinct was to send a teacherly reply suggesting they spellcheck their tweets in future, however, on reading the article which the tweet was linked to, I have decided to salute them for a great “clickbait” headline.

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What is the real cost of an underfunded education system?

The lack of funding in schools has been hitting the headlines in the UK recently, although often buried under the Brexit Shambles (B.S. for short). This article is not one where I will be decrying the real-terms fall in education investment by the government — there have been enough of those articles already. Instead, I will be taking a look at what the hidden costs of this are.

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Should schools be policing children’s diet and exercise?

This morning, the news in the UK featured a story “Parents ‘must not abdicate duties’ to teachers, says Ofsted” The heart of the story is that Amanda Spielman, the boss of OFSTED (the organization that judges the standards in schools), is due to deliver a speech that states:

Parents should not expect schools to police children’s eating and exercise, or toilet train pupils

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